Spin, Spin, Spin

Blair McDougall sent this email out this morning

Blair McDougall sent this email out this morning

As per yesterday’s postings, you’ll be aware that there’s a lot of abuse and mud slinging going on in the indyref debate. The abuse apparently only comes from one side. The media make sure always to talk about “CyberNats” and newspapers feature daily stories about someone who has been treated disgracefully by Yes supporters.

Then we have Mr. Alistair Darling, face of the No Campaign and failed UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, saying our democratically elected First Minister is behaving like Kim Jong-Il. He also agreed “at heart” that the Scottish Independence movement is a “blood and soil” nationalistic movement [which, in case you didn’t know, is what Nazism was].

Off the back of #LallyGate, we now have the head of the No Campaign, Mr. Blair McDougall, labeling people who post “abuse” [or inconveniently tell the truth] as “nationalist extremists” in his latest NoThanks [BetterTogether] plea for cash. He also goes on to tell his readers:

“…personalised attacks against No voters are being directed from inside the First Minister’s office.”

“…we are up against people who will do anything to get what they want…”

This of course is not true. Abuse flows forth from the minds of individuals on both sides of the campaign. Alex Salmond is not in control of “CyberNats” anymore than David Cameron is control of “BritNats”. But if they were, I suppose it would mean that the gentlemen sent to court for threatening to assassinate the First Minister did so on the back of orders from Mr Cameron? And what about the 80 year old Yes supporter who was hospitalised in a broad-daylight attack?


Now, having taken the above into account, and making it very clear that all abuse, smear and hatred directed at anyone is abhorrent, I ask you to ponder on this question: “Why might Yes supporters be reacting angrily online?”



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